What is an Air – supported structure It is a unique, dynamic building, which is typically one-third the cost of a conventionally constructed building. The fabric membrane that comprises the structure is held up by controlled internal air pressure rather than wood or steel supports. This design provides for a wide span column free interior space. The air pressure inside the structure is virtually undetectable by building occupants. The effect can be compared best to the difference of pressure experienced in the lobby of a high rise building and that experience on the top floor. The air – supported structure can be used for any application requiring an unobstructed or column free clear span. They are also perfect, when there is a need to remove the building on a seasonal basis.

Air -supported structures have been used for pool enclosures, indoor golf driving ranges, tennis, field sports, exhibition halls, temporary construction enclosures and environmental enclosures. Pre- Engineered, Pre – Packaged Building Solutions Air- supported structures provides standard and customized configurations to meet a variety of budget and site requirements. They can be designed as either seasonal or permanent buildings. They are equipped complete with the fabric envelope, cable reinforcements, pressurization systems, heating furnaces and hardware, specialized access doors, and optional equipment such as vehicle air locks. Air structures have been designed to meet most building code requirements for wind and snow. The fabric membrane envelope is flame retardant.

Benefits In addition to the advantages of lower initial cost (one third to one half that of a conventionally construted building of equal size) and application flexibility, air- supported buildings have the benefit of lead times and construction schedules. A complete structure can be installed within 8 to 10 weeks from order, depending on style and size. Installation is simple and is usually completed within a couple of days from the time materials arrive on site. These structures also offer owners shorter depreciation period not associated with conventional building. Natural daylight from the translucent membrane not only provides an outdoor ambiance indoors, but also reduces lighting costs during the day.

Fabric Envelop Design and Performance There is a broad range of possibilities within the membrane itself to create varying interior and exterior appearance and performance. Combinations of the structural outer membrane with a choice of optional inner liners permit different light transmission levels to be achieved. A high transmission combination can provide an outdoor feeling and eliminate artificial lighting during the day. Other combinations can help create an opaque or block – out building for exhibiting. Thermal properties can be altered by use of reflective or multiple liners.

A number of surfaces finished are available to enhance the appearance and life of the membranes. Color, graphics and clear window are additional options. The fabric is flame retardant, the building is designed to with stand heavy wind and snow loading conditions. Used as : Storage halls in industry/Production halls/Exhibition and show halls/Sport halls for any kind/Gathering halls/Agricultural work, flowers houses/Unusual projects